Feline Return Pet Request

If you have adopted a cat within the last 8 days, please bring them back immediately during open hours. If you need to schedule a time outside of open hours, please email rescue@wright-wayrescue.org for an appointment. If you have adopted a cat 8 days or more ago that you must return, please fill out this form and a Wright-Way Rescue representative will be in touch with you shortly. Wright-Way Rescue will take back any pet who it has adopted out, who cannot be kept by its adoptive home.

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This form is only applicable to Wright-Way Rescue adopters.
If your pet is not spayed or neutered there will be a fee of $150 due at time of surrender to cover the cost of the surgery.
If your pet has been microchipped, please provide his/her microchip ID here. If they are not microchipped, please detail that here.
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Surrendering your Pet
If you schedule the return of an adopted pet and do not show up for your appointment, your pet will still be accepted back; however, they will be added to the end of our wait list if one exists at the time. Wright-Way Rescue schedules the return of pets adopted 8 days or more ago to ensure that we can properly house and care for the animals in our care. We are a no-kill shelter and operate at full capacity. Do you understand Wright-Way Rescue's policies and procedures on returning a pet adopted 8 days or more ago? *