Surrendering your Pet

I need to surrender my pet. What are the next steps?

If you have one or more animals that you would like to place in Wright-Way Rescue‘s adoption program, please fill out the form HERE. We need current pictures of the animal(s) and a little bit of information. 

For any questions regarding surrendering your pet, please contact Wright-Way Rescue's Headquarters in Murphysboro, Illinois (southern Illinois) by phone at 618-208-1509.

We also recommend reading more about our Ready-Set-Go program below to see if you qualify for this lifesaving program.

Our rescue group is interested in becoming a rescue partner with Wright-Way Rescue.

If you are a rescue group and are interested in partnering with Wright-Way Rescue, please fill out the form HERE so we can gather more information about your transfer. Thank you for helping us save lives!

My pet was adopted from Wright-Way Rescue, but I need to return my pet.

If you need to return your pet back to Wright-Way, please learn more on our Returning a Pet page and fill out a form.

Ready-Set-Go Program


Wright-Way Rescue wants to help as many pets as possible. We designed the Ready-Set-Go! program to help owner-surrendered pets when our no-kill shelter is at capacity.

Every week, our staff must turn away over 100 animals because we don’t have the room to house them while we prepare them for adoption. By connecting with willing owners whose pets qualify for the program,Wright-Way Rescue can increase our lifesaving capacity by thousands of pets each year.


Our Ready-Set-Go! program is sponsored in part by grants from Maddie’s Fund and Athletes for Animals.

Frequently Asked Questions

How does this program work?

Qualifying pets enter the Ready-Set-Go! program and their owners then serve as a foster home who take care of the animal(s) for approximately two weeks.

During this time, Wright-Way Rescue provides all necessary medical care needed to prepare the pet for adoption.

How do I enter my pet into the Ready-Set-Go! program?

Owners who need to surrender their pets can apply for Ready-Set-Go! online below or in-person at either Wright-Way Rescue location.

Pets are also given behavioral and medical evaluations to determine their eligibility for the program.

Who is accepted into the program?

Ready-Set-Go! is open to litters, individual pets, and even bonded pairs.

Is there a fee to participate in this program?

There is no charge to participate in the Ready-Set-Go! program.

READY SET GO Application

Thank you for applying to Wright-Way Rescue’s Ready-Set-Go! program! Your participation in this program will allow your pet to have an easier transition to their new home. With your help, we can save even more adoptable animals throughout the rural Midwest.

Please fill out this form to help us determine if this program is right for you and your pet(s). A Wright-Way Rescue representative will be in contact with you shortly.

Owner Name *
Owner Name
Address *
Phone *
Pet Information
Pet Number One
Pet Number Two
If applicable. If you are surrendering only one pet, please continue to the next section.
Pet Number Three
If applicable. If you are surrendering only two pets, please continue to the next section.
Placement Suitability
Participation in the Ready-Set-Go program enables more pets to be placed in loving homes while decreasing their length of stay in a shelter. The following information will help us determine if your pet(s) is suitable for this program.
After you apply for the Ready-Set-Go! program, we will review your application to determine your eligibility. Eligible pets will then be scheduled for an evaluation appointment to decide their acceptance into the program. The owner must be present at this appointment. If your pet is accepted into the program, their medical care begins on this date. The return to of the pet(s) is then scheduled for approximately 14 days from the date of the pet’s admittance to the program. After this date, the pet is guaranteed shelter at our facility until they are adopted. At this time we will also schedule a spay/neuter surgery if necessary, as well as any other needed veterinary treatment.