Wright-Way in History


In 2002, Christy Anderson, Wright-Way Rescue’s founder and Executive Director, visits a local animal control center and starts housing animals in her college dorm room at SIU Carbondale. Anderson then founds Wright-Way Rescue in 2003.




In 2006, Wright-Way opens its Admissions & Care Center to provide a state-of-the-art shelter for animals awaiting their forever homes. The Admissions and Medical Services Campus and Critical Care Center is located in Murphysboro, Illinois. 




In 2008, Wright-Way Rescue opens its doors to the Adoption Center in Niles, Illinois. By 2010, Wright-Way Rescue placed thousands of animals into loving homes in the Chicagoland area.





On October 2nd, 2013, a school bus crashed through the front of Wright-Way Rescue in Niles, Illinois. After 10 years of placing over 15,000 pets in homes, Wright-Way Rescue found itself homeless.




After a nearly a year of being displaced due to the 2013 bus crash, Wright-Way Rescue opened its North Shore Humane Center for Adoption, Wellness, and Community Education is located in Morton Grove, Illinois, which is a suburb bordering Northwest Chicago. Wright-Way Rescue opened its doors to its center in Morton Grove in September 2014. 



Did you know?

  • Wright-Way Rescue has placed nearly 30,000 animals in loving homes since our founding in 2003.
  • The organization finds homes for nearly 100 animals each week.
  • Volunteers travel 700 miles weekly, adding up to 676 hours and over 36,400 miles a year travelled to bring adoptable pets to the Chicagoland area. 
  • We have provided a second chance at life to approximately 5,000 animals a year through our adoption program and medical outreach services. 
  • Wright-Way Rescue employs over 50 talented staff members ranging from veterinarians, adoption counselors, groomers, animal care providers, trainers, office staff, and a development team.
  • Wright-Way’s Rescue Team visits animal control centers almost daily to rescue animals from euthanasia. 
  • Wright-Way saves animals from animal controls in Illinois, Tennessee, Kentucky, Mississippi, Missouri, Arkansas, Texas, and Georgia. 
  • The organization has adopted animals to owners in all 50 states.
  • Wright-Way Rescue’s in-house retail store conveniently offers new adopters high-quality, low cost products such as leashes, collars, food, toys, treats, and grooming supplies from trusted companies such as: Lupine, Kong, Fromm, Planet Dog, Pet Head, and more. 

TimberTrails is Wright-Way Rescue’s nonprofit low-cost veterinary clinic located in southern Illinois. The clinic offers affordable preventative veterinary care and spay/neuter surgeries for the public and other animal shelters. At both locations, significant discounts are given to those that can demonstrate financial need.

At its North Shore Humane Center, Wright-Way offers a host of programs to service and engage the community: training & obedience classes, volunteer program, children’s birthday parties, private tours, affordable veterinary care and more.