Wright-Way Rescue Facts


129 Special Needs Pets

In 2016, Wright-Way Rescue took on the special needs of over 129 pets. Their care included major orthopedic surgeries, embedded collars, burn victims, severe emaciation cases, broken bones, severe skin infections & mange, and other severe but treatable medical conditions. 

Critical Care Center

Wright-Way Rescue is one of only a few shelters in the nation with a separate medical facility that is dedicated to saving the lives of pets with highly contagious but treatable medical conditions. Instead of turning away pets with illness, we welcome them, and provide the quality medical care needed until they are ready for adoption. Wright-Way Rescue's Critical Care Center has a save rate of 96%! 

Affordable Vet Care

Wright-Way Rescue operates two low-cost, nonprofit veterinary clinics to serve the pet owning public and those with financial need.

Animal Responsibility

Wright-Way Rescue spays and neuters each pet before they are adopted into a new home. By ensuring that each pet is altered, we can ensure we are contributing to decreasing the pet overpopulation problem that exists within the US. 

Volunteers Save Lives

A network of 72 volunteers help Wright-Way Rescue accomplish our lifesaving mission. Volunteers help with every aspect of the rescue's work from dog walking to adoption counseling. 

Room to Rescue

Did you know that Wright-Way Rescue has five facilities and over 22,500 square feet that is utilized to help us accomplish our mission?

  • North Shore Humane Center

  • Wright-Way Rescue Veterinary Clinic

  • Admissions & Medical Services Campus

  • TimberTrails Low-Cost Veterinary Services

  • Wright-Way Rescue's Critical Care Center

Distributing Resources

Wright-Way Rescue distributes vaccines and basic medical supplies — free of charge — to targeted rescues and shelters that lack the resources to supply their own. By vaccinating incoming pets in these rural areas, less pets are euthanized due to preventable disease. 

No Mom Left Behind

In 2016, Wright-Way Rescue took in 118 mommy dogs and their puppies. When Wright-Way commits to a litter of puppies, the mother dog is never left behind regardless of medical condition or special needs. 


87,600 Pounds of Food

87,600 pounds of high quality dry dog food and 5,475 cans of dog food is expected to be fed this in the year of 2017.

Community to Save Lives

Wright-Way Rescue has a network of over 75 lifesaving rescue partners throughout the Midwest that work with us to transport pets to safety.

Rate of Return

Wright-Way Rescue's return rate is a very low 4%. While our hope is for every pet to work out in their adoptive home, any pet that needs to be returned is welcomed back to ensure their safety. Sometimes unexpected circumstances can occur causing a pet owner the need to relinquish their adopted pet, and sometimes the adoption is simply not the right fit. Whatever the reason, a returned pet is an opportunity for our organization to find that pet their perfect forever home.

Foster Network

Wright-Way Rescue's foster network consists of over 170 foster families that assist the organization in providing care to the neediest animals, including elderly, nursing, injured, ill, hospice, etc.

Shelter Medicine

On-staff veterinarians at each of the three Wright-Way Rescue locations directly oversee the veterinary care of each animal. Wright-Way Rescue employs 5 veterinarians and also partners with a number of outside clinics in order to see to the needs of thousands of pets each year. 

Professional Board

Professional Board Members are individuals that are dedicated to the organization and passionate about the cause. They utilize and devote their valuable time, talents, and experiences to move Wright-Way Rescue forward in its mission.

Dedicated Staff

Wright-Way Rescue has 43 talented employees, ranging from veterinarians to drivers, all helping to ensure that each of the thousands of animals saved each year receive professional care.