Community Outreach

Would you like Wright-Way Rescue to attend your next event, or would you like to host a fundraiser for our organization? Promoting adoption and animal education can be achieved through community events and fundraisers.

Please fill out the application below, and a Wright-Way representative will be in touch with you soon.

Date of Event: *
Date of Event:
Please note that Wright-Way Rescue cannot commit to an event with less than two weeks notice.
Representative Contact: *
Representative Contact:
Phone: *
Please provide a detailed description of the event you are planning and the purpose of Wright-Way Rescue’s presence there. Include your goals and objectives, in addition to how Wright-Way Rescue can help meet these.
Use this space to outline what you need from Wright-Way Rescue (e.g. marketing material, our logo, volunteers, staff representatives, donation boxes, etc.). If you will be requesting the presence of animals, please be as specific as possible.
Note that use of Wright- Way Rescue’s logo on any marketing material (flyers, handouts, etc.) must be approved.
Let us know what you hope to achieve for your organization and for Wright-Way Rescue by the successful completion of this event.