Forever Home Updates



Happy Holidays from Ellie (formerly Daphne) and her people!  Thank you for making all of our lives complete!

- Katie


Kallie (Freya) is so thrilled that this is her first Christmas and she gets to be on the Christmas card! She was adopted on July 2nd and came to Wright-Way with seven other brothers and sisters! She has been in our family for almost 5 months now and she is turning 9 months tomorrow! Thanks again Wright-Way, it is such a joy to have her as my little sister!

- Kristina

Kitty's First Snow!

She's still is a 9 month-old kitten, and it's her first winter, but soon I am taking her to Florida!

- Monika


Stanley and Oscar

Merry Christmas from the furever home of Stanley (Flynn) and Oscar (Oscar), two Wright-Way cuties!

- Caryn


Bo and Bennett

Bo and Bennett (formally Beatrice) are doing great! They are inseparable and are truly happy together.

- Haven





Roo and I (Wright-Way name: Garth) on our daily walk. When I adopted him three months ago, he was so nervous and underweight, but now he's a bundle of energy and my BFF!

- Caitríona