Myrtle, a 2 year-old Shepherd mix, is a special needs dog in need of your help today.

Myrtle’s story began in Texas, where she was found as a stray, all while pregnant and with an obvious leg injury. Her front left leg was injured and atrophied, showing that it was an old injury she had been suffering from for a long time.

In addition to her leg injury, Myrtle also suffers from heartworms.

It was clear to Wright-Way Rescue that this girl needed our help desperately.  Without rescuing, Myrtle and her puppies could have been euthanized, the unfortunate fate so many homeless adoptable pets face.

On the date of her scheduled transport to Wright-Way Rescue, Myrtle had her seven puppies! After 10 days of recovery, Myrtle and her pups were finally able to make the trip to Wright-Way Rescue’s Admissions and Care campus.

Sweet Myrtle has cared for her puppies in a loving foster home, and her puppies have all found new adopting families.

However, Myrtle still has a long road ahead of her before she can find a family of her own.

Before Myrtle can go home, she needs to have her front left leg amputated, undergo heartworm treatment, and be spayed. A donation to Myrtle's fund will help Wright-Way Rescue with her veterinary bills and help save other special needs dogs like Myrtle.

Please make a tax-deductible gift to Myrtle’s fund today and help her get her second chance.


Donate by mail:

Wright-Way Rescue

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