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Neglected Cocker Spaniel Saved from Muddy Hog Pen

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Peaches’ story is one that started with heartache, but then led to one of resilience and strength.

The Cocker Spaniel was found in a hog pen and unable to move with such thick mud, only because she was trying to get water from a trough. After becoming lodged in the mud, it took over four hours to free Peaches and, even then, she couldn’t move due to the mud and her poor condition. 

It wasn’t long for the woman who rescued her to realize the terrible condition Peaches was in. She knew she had to reach out to professionals, and that’s when she reached out to Wright-Way Rescue to save her life.

As you can see in the photos and video, Peaches’ matting on her legs acted as a cast, which fully encompassed her legs. Even though she couldn’t walk, she ate and drank immediately, yet struggled to reach the bowls because of her physical condition.

Peaches struggles to reach food and water due to the mud casting to her legs.

Christy Anderson, Wright-Way Rescue’s Executive Director and Founder, said, “In 15 years of doing rescue work, I have seen very few truly in this poor of shape. The neglect that this dog suffered is hard to imagine.”

When Peaches arrived to our Admissions & Care Center, she was aggressive and scared. In addition to the severe matting, her eyes, ears and skin were all infected, and she had thousands upon thousands of fleas on her. 

Platinum Paws, a mobile grooming service, generously took their entire Saturday evening to groom Peaches, who had to be sedated. After five hours of hard work, they were finally able to groom the mats away from her skin.

In the first week at Wright-Way, Peaches began to become friendlier and friendlier. She began to trust the staff and volunteers, and she stopped growling. By the third day, she was actually seeking affection from the volunteers and staff.

Peaches has a very long road ahead of her. She has several tumors, needs sufficient dental work, blood work, and even surgery. Her medical costs are extensive, and we need your help to give this dog the happy ending she deserves.

Please make a donation to Peaches’ fund and help her on her road to recovery. Consider making a generous donation or a monthly contribution to help with her care.


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