β€œIt was impossible to see Lizzie's photo and not offer her help," said Kristin, Intake Program Manager for Wright-Way Rescue.

Lizzie came in weighing half of what she should have. She looked like a walking skeleton, still struggling to provide care and nourishment for her puppies, despite her own horrific condition. In addition to extreme undernourishment, Lizzie was suffering from coccidia and also tested positive for heartworm disease. Her puppies were also suffering from internal parasites that required immediate treatment and fluid therapy.

When Lizzie arrived, veterinarians determined that Lizzie had to stop nursing her puppies for her own well being. The entire family required supportive care and hospitalization due to their poor condition. The puppies recovered quickly after being treated for internal parasites and severe dehydration. Then, an amazing foster home stepped forward to provide the puppies with the environment they needed to thrive.

Lizzie is doing better now and has been released from hospitalization, but has a long road to go in terms of becoming ready for adoption. She still faces heartworm treatment which will begin shortly. For now, her days are spent playing ball and going for leisurely walks with volunteers on the trails surrounding Wright-Way Rescue's Admissions Campus.

Please consider helping Wright-Way Rescue to provide the treatment for moms like Lizzie who are struggling to provide care for their families at animal control facilities, despite seemingly impossible conditions. These families need our help to leave their past behind and become wonderful members of the people who adopt them.

Please make a tax-deductible gift to Lizzie's fund today and help her and others like her get their second chance.

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