Happy Gotcha Day Update

One year ago today, I brought Ellie May (named “Mandy” at the shelter) home from Wright-Way Rescue. I wasn’t planning on adopting that Saturday, but when I took her out of her cage, she put her paws up onto my chest and looked directly into my eyes. She was scared, sick, and completely alone, but I saw her potential to love, and I knew I wasn’t leaving without her.

In honor of Ellie’s rescue date, here are top three things I never thought a dog could teach me about being human:

  1. When you want something, use your voice. It might not get you what you want right away, but it’ll get you noticed (especially by the neighbors).
  2. Just because someone has abandoned you before, doesn’t mean they’re going to leave you again. Yes, there are bad/scary people in the world, but there are a lot of good ones that will take care of you, too.
  3. It’s okay to love things too much. There may have been times when that love wasn’t reciprocated (or completely rejected), but there will be times where it is, and you will be so glad you didn’t give up.

THANK YOU, Wright Way, to your volunteers for reassuring me that I was making the right decision that day, and for introducing me to this sweet little soul. She has my heart.