Dog Jog Volunteer Program

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Dog Jog is a volunteer program at Wright-Way Rescue, where we pair adoptable rescued dogs with running partners each week. From the Adoption Center, our runners jog with the dogs through the neighborhood and the local forest preserve for approximately two miles. 

Every Sunday morning at 9:00 AM at Wright-Way Rescue - 5915 Lincoln Avenue in Morton Grove, IL

While waiting for adoption, dogs can display frustration or behavioral challenges because of lower levels of activity throughout the day. While our staff and volunteers do our best to exercise our adoptable dogs, there's nothing better than one-on-one attention and a run! Enter our weekly Dog Jog volunteer event.

If you are interested in running with a dog, please fill out the volunteer below or contact us at  Our program coordinator will be in touch with you soon!

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Please note that Wright-Way Rescue is NOT accepting Junior Volunteers (individuals under 17 years and younger) at this time.
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