Coming Together to Rescue


Yesterday morning, Wright-Way Rescue was made aware of an urgent situation at a humane society in downstate Illinois, one that our organization rescues from often.

Over 60 cats had were brought in from a hoarding situation, but this facility was out of space. They were scheduled for euthanasia at 3:00 p.m. simply because they didn’t have enough room.

The Wright-Way Rescue Admissions & Medical Services Campus’ cages were already full. In the middle of kitten season, how could we accommodate the influx of over 60 cats and kittens with only hours to plan?

Wright-Way Rescue’s founder personally visited the humane society and met the cats. All were friendly, relatively healthy, and full of life to live. It's almost impossible to look into the eyes of so many and choose just some of them, knowing that the others may not make it.

This particular humane society has worked incredibly hard alongside Wright-Way Rescue and several other dedicated no-kill organizations —  bringing its euthanasia rate from over 70% to just 5%. The lifesaving impact of working together to achieve a common goal has been truly inspiring.


Frustrated, our rescue team saved six felines, and then decided to do what it could to help the remaining cats get to Hospice Hearts, the wonderful organization who coordinated the rescue mission. Herrin Animal Control was instrumental in lining up receiving rescues, and the Humane Society of Southern Illinois worked tirelessly to make the rescue possible.

Other rescuers in the southern Illinois community began to help network their story. Other groups began stepping up to help. As the day went on, their rescue slowly became more hopeful!

By 3:00 p.m. — the same time as their scheduled euthanasia —  EVERY SINGLE CAT HAD A SAFE PLACE TO GO. Now they just had to get there!

Wright-Way Rescue offered to provide parasite treatment, crates, and transports. Caring staff and volunteers stayed up all night to prepare for the cats’ journeys. At 4:00 a.m. this morning, Wright-Way Rescue’s transport drivers and humane society staff joined together to load over 60 cats into our vehicle. Then they set out on the ride of their lives... home!  



Wright-Way Rescue is in need of foster homes and donations for the cats we accepted, and the many more that pour into our doors day after day. 

Interested in fostering the six we saved? Please fill out a foster application here or call Chris with any questions 847-728-5434 option #2.



Humane Society Of Southern Illinois

Herrin Animal Control

Jessica Sempek with Hospice Hearts

Champaign County Humane Society



University of Illinois College of Veterinary Medicine

Parkland College

Mahomet Animal Hospital


This article was edited to add the contributing rescues who assisted in this life-saving rescue. It was Wright-Way Rescue's intention to highlight the community coming together for so many lives saved, and we are deeply sorry that we did not originally highlight the names of the other rescues, as well as not go into more detail of their efforts, who helped make this possible. All funds raised in this campaign will help save the lives of the six we saved, and any additional funds will help us operate our no-kill mission.

Hospice Hearts raised funds to provide veterinary care for all cats.  All funds not used in this rescue are earmarked for future rescues of cats, specifically from southern Illinois. To make a donation to Hospice Hearts and the other cats we were not able to save in this rescue, you can make one here.