Camp Wright-Way dogs have learned how to sit for their food, walk gently on a training collar, enter and exit their kennel calmly, and offer engaged eye contact, all of which serve as a foundation for further positive training. It sounds simple, but for dogs who come from backgrounds of neglect, anxiety, or even abuse, it’s a big change!  



Our mission at Camp Wright-Way is to change the lives of dogs who have been surrendered to us for behavioral issues or who, for a variety of reasons, are simply not getting adopted. Rather than let them wait and wait in our shelter for that rare person who wants a major project, we are using the time we have with them to change how they think and feel about themselves and the world around them. In the process, they become much more calm, confident, happy, and adoptable dogs — and, at the same time, we become more calm, happy, and relatable humans. At Camp Wright-Way, all of us are always learning how to be our best!

What Makes a Camp Wright-Way
Dog So Special?


A Camp Wright-Way dog has done the hard mental and emotional work of working through their anxieties,  insecurities, and mistrust. They’re not fully trained, but they’ve learned how to learn, and they are ready for a new lease on life.

We provide each dog with the same basic structure at meals and walks, and then we work with each dog individually. In this individual work, we continue to build confidence, offer challenges, and help them integrate their newly released energy into appropriate behaviors and a balanced state of mind. A dog who is in a balanced state can happily engage with the people around him and be receptive to the world. This is a dog who can make better behavioral choices than he has in the past.

What Makes a Camp Wright-Way
Adopter So Amazing?


Camp Wright-Way adopters commit to keeping up the simple practices of structured feeding and structured walks, as well as continuing to balance the dog as he encounters new situations and pressures. Camp Wright-Way adopters are not professional handlers, nor do they need to be, but they take the time to read their dog and offer him clear signals as to the behavior they want to see.

We provide a complete write-up on each dog, instructions for continuing the basic feeding and walking structures that help maintain balance, recommendations for further training, and we follow-up with phone calls for the first year after adoption. It’s important to us that the adoption is successful and that our Camp Wright-Way adopters feel supported.



Don't let her size fool you! Inga is part puppy, part Rhodes Scholar, part diva, and part Marine — all packed into one tiny dog! She will thrive with an owner who can enjoy the puppy, educate the Scholar, check the diva, and exercise the Marine. She loves long walks, hiking, running on the treadmill, and scritches everywhere. She is very food motivated and loves to learn new tricks. She really is a bright sparkle and will bring a lot of joy to someone's life.

She gets along moderately well with other dogs, but usually tries to be the boss. However, she enjoys humans of all ages. She recently had the opportunity to attend a large event full of people and other dogs, and she did quite well.

Inga arrived at Camp Wright-Way with a no leash manners, a domineering attitude, and some issues with guarding her food. She has since learned how to wait for her food, take food from hand, wait at entrances, walk perfectly on a training collar and leash, walk with several other dogs at once, run on a treadmill, climb into a box, sit on top of a box, and leave her food on command (this will take a little reinforcement in a new environment with new people). She has worked incredibly hard to become a better version of herself, and she is ready for a new lease on life with a forever family!

Inga currently resides at a foster home near our Headquarters in Southern Illinois. If you would like to meet Inga or have questions about her or Camp Wright-Way, please call 618-208-1509.


Jaxson is an impeccable gentleman mixed with a sensitive goofball. He walks beautifully on a leash, lies down for his food, is perfectly house trained, and knows a number of commands. It seems like he belongs lounging on a velvet couch in the library of a Victorian estate. However, give him a dog friend to play with and he will be romping around like silly pup in no time, or rub his back and hips long enough and he will gleefully flop down to the ground for more love. His sensitive side needs protection, though, and the right owner for Jaxson will look out for his well-being by kenneling him during parties and making sure to wake him gently from sleep. 

Jaxson arrived at Camp Wright-Way depressed, unwilling to eat, and untrusting of humans. He has since learned to listen to and cooperate with his handlers, wait patiently and lie down for his food, walk very well on a training collar, take food from hand, be led by his flat buckle collar, and walk well with other dogs. He is currently learning the "place" command and doing quite well with it. 

He is ready for a steady, calm home with owners who value both his dignified side and the puffy little pup inside him that just wants love.
Jaxson currently resides at a foster home near our Headquarters in Southern Illinois. If you would like to meet Jaxson or have questions about him or Camp Wright-Way, please call 618-208-1509.