Recent Rescue: Percy's Story

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When Wright-Way Rescue met Percy, he was an adorable puppy that needed rescued from an animal control facility all the way in Mississippi. This would be considered a “rough start” for most dogs; however, Percy’s road to finding a family took another unexpected turn.

When Wright-Way Rescue’s staff veterinarian listened to his heart and lungs, she was unable to hear them on one side of his chest. She knew something was very wrong.

After x-rays and an ultrasound with an outside specialist, we found out that 60 percent of Percy’s liver was in his thoracic cavity. This was devastating news as this young puppy was just starting his life.

At the time Percy’s brother Primo was getting adopted, Percy was having a life-saving surgery. Percy had a diaphragmatic hernia repair, with the replacement of part of his liver back into his abdomen.

Percy is so sweet that he won over the veterinarian who performed his surgery — he is now recovering in his home as a foster. Percy has shown that he is a fighter who is determined to live a life where nothing will hold him back.

Due to the his surgery, Percy’s veterinary bills are expensive and we need you help. Donations make it possible to save the lives of puppies just like Percy.

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