Looking for a Home

Meet Suzie, a 4 year-old Labrador Retriever mix


Meet Suzie, a 4 year old Labrador Retriever mix! She is currently at Wright-Way Rescue's Adoption Center looking for a forever home.

Despite being a little shy at first, Suzie has adjusted well to her new surroundings. With all the love and socialization she received in her foster home, she has come out of the shell she was formerly in. She will now take treats out of your hand and she is wagging her tail all the time. She is a wonderful, laid back girl who is potty trained, loves kids, and is good with other dogs. 

Suzie was in a wonderful foster home where she was socialized with another dog and people of all ages. Here is what her foster mom has to say about her:

When Suzie first came to our home, she was nervous and scared. The first couple of days, she rarely moved other than to eat and we let her be so she would learn to get used to us and trust us. Despite her fear and shyness, she was always gentle and calm, even around our 7 year-old daughter.

We have a 1.5 year old high energy dog who loves to play and while Suzie is usually calm around her. If our dog gets too pushy (literally shoving balls in her face), Suzie would let her know. Suzie is a great leash walker (with and without our dog) and will always walk alongside you and never pulls. She has the cutest trot! She does get a bit scared with loud sudden noises but she stays calm and doesn't try to run away.

After a few days with us, she started greeting us at the front door with her tail wagging, coming upstairs to be near us during bedtime and following us around the kitchen during feeding time. She loves napping on the couch all day and enjoys the occasional belly rub.

She really is a sweet and gentle soul. She just needs that family that will love her and be patient with her as she gets to know and trust them. In the end, she will be a wonderful, gentle and loving companion. 

If you or somebody you know may be interested in becoming my forever family, will you call Wright-Way Rescue and ask for Suzie or share this website? Or you can stop by during open hours!

You can learn more by calling our Adoption Hotline at (847) 728-5434 Option 2.